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MINAC Law Meets Disgruntled Artists

The law aimed at promoting a come together between companies, unions, and federations for easy management, will provide a better health insurance for artists and provide support to artistic and cultural associations.

Enacted in to law during the just ended June session of the national assembly and endorsed by the Head of State on July 20, 2020, the MINAC cultural law has in its article three four and five that all artists are supposed to belong to a union which works in collaboration with respective regional federations.
According to Chapter III, Section 12, a union is a group of two or more companies belonging to at least two sub divisions, engaged in the same activity or four artistic and cultural associations from at least three different sub divisions.
The law which is being termed by artist as the “killer law” states in its chapter two that “acquisition of the status of artistic and cultural association by declared and authorized associations shall be subjected to an approval issued by the minister in charge of culture.
Noting that, all associations wishing to be approved as an artistic and cultural association must apply to the Minister in charge of arts and culture, and approval shall take no longer than 30 days to be granted, otherwise it will be automatically considered unaccepted.
Artist will be able to carry out their activities within the artistic and cultural movement at the council or sub-divisional level. Fines and taxes will be imposed to violators and artist who deny complying with the provisions of sub-section I.
Against this backdrop, artists, associations and federations which are not registered under the Minister of Arts and Culture will face disciplinary charges if they part take in any cultural event. Associations are subjected to be dissolve once they violate a law, or their activities are contrary to the laws in force or violation of section 28 of the set law.
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